We were introduced to black garlic through an Asian friend of ours a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the mysterious black gem.

After trying several brands available on the Australian market, we soon realised that not all black garlic was the same. The flavour and texture varied greatly. Some were burnt-like and chewy, others overly sweet and some just not nice at all. The black garlic that we had first tasted was beautifully moist, balanced with sweet and savoury elements, maximising its versatility in the kitchen.

With the local market being quite limited, we researched various methods of black garlic production and eventually decided to have a custom built machine that was specifically designed based on key requirements.

After much trial and error, fine tuning and tweaking, we finally developed the taste and texture that we were looking for. Now it was time to share our black garlic with family and friends to see what they thought about it.

We had such an overwhelming positive response, we introduced our black garlic to the local market.

We pride ourselves in giving you the best black garlic there is and source Australian grown garlic when possible.

Black Garlic